Duplicate Listing Suppression

 Duplicate Listing Suppression
Duplicate Listing Suppression

Duplicate listings cause major confusion for both customers and search engine crawlers. Worst of all, they hurt your local search rankings. Yext’s patented Duplicate Suppression process solves the problem of duplicate business listings once and for all. Read on and learn how to silence the noise.

Stop seeing double.

Our patented process begins with automatic detection, alerting you to duplicates before they cause problems. Then our direct publisher integrations ensure those duplicates are suppressed, correctly and continually, according to each publisher's best practices.

Go right to the source.

Yext’s proprietary integrations connect you directly with publishers in our Knowledge Network, so there's no middleman muddling your data. Go straight to the source with Yext, and be confident that you are always in control of your digital knowledge.

Only do the work once. Once you've deactivated a duplicate listing, you don't want the same error popping up again. Yext suppresses duplicates according to each publisher's best practices, so you are guaranteed that the duplicates are suppressed for good.

Eliminate complications.

Stay vigilant with Yext and monitor potential duplicates. Our automatic detection flags duplicates the moment they appear, so you can take care of them before they become an issue.