Global Data Management

Global Data Management
Think global. Act local.

The best global brands deliver amazing, local experiences online and off. The Yext Knowledge Engine helps you deliver such experiences with multilingual support, unmatched listings distribution, and a single source of truth for all of your digital knowledge. Read on to learn how we can help your global brand feel local everywhere.

Local voices. Local resources.

International expansion requires a deep understanding of local language and customs. Yext's multi-lingual capabilities help you deliver listings that respect both. Furthermore, our Knowledge Network ensures that your listings appear on the local maps, apps, and search engines that matter in the countries you serve. With Yext, you truly can engage with customers all over the world.

Address the part.

Is this a state or a province? How many digits are in that zip code? What do local phone numbers even look like? The structure of digital knowledge varies greatly around the world. Yext pre-formats storage for 78 countries, so you understand and deliver exactly what’s required in every country.

Empower your local experts.

In an international marketplace, you rely on local representatives to put your brand's best foot forward. Yext’s flexible platform allows for multi-language data storage, enabling local employees to contribute their individual expertise.

Fit in with your surroundings. International consumers expect to engage with your business the same way they engage with other local businesses. That means showing up in the places they search. With Yext, you can access relevant local publishers and meet your customers where they are.